Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long time gone... the knit post

Alright, so it's a Dixie Chicks song title, so what? :) Over the past few months, things have been kind of crazy around here, and life has been slightly, well, 'trying' could be a word. That being said, I am trying to continue knitting as much as I can... here are some new projects that I have done...

These are my "Audrey" Bags...

The next thing that I decided to do... what does a knitter do for the summer month? Dishcloths? Towels? Yes, that is a given... but not necessarily fun. I know! How about Stuffed Animals?

I love my robot... and I have had multiple requests for additional penguins... :)

I participated in one craft show in January as a benefit for a group called Two Dollars a Day, which promotes women's literacy... really good organization. Check them out at ... also check out Urban Grind, which is who donated the space for the crafty fair... their "Fancy Grilled Cheese" is fantastical and amazing and wonderful.