Friday, July 31, 2009

You try to do something nice...

So this morning I take Ethan to his doctor's appointment, we get Krispy Kreme donuts (their new coffee cake thing is amazing, side note) and we head to get our hair cuts. A special treat for Ethan, who likes the Aveda smelly stuff, but has only been to Great Clips, etc.

Forget all of the nice things I said about Aveda yesterday- I'm never going to the school in Portland again. We walk in, they look at us and say that they can't take both of us because that would leave Ethan unsupervised while I get my hair done-even though our appointments were scheduled for the exact same time. He's 8, not 4, and he doesn't run around and get in anyone's way- he sits and plays his Nintendo DS when he's waiting for something. I understand this is a safety/liability issue, however, I could have been notified of this policy WHEN I MADE THE APPOINTMENT. Or, when they called to confirm, especially since I told the girl that he was 8 when I set it up to begin with. What made it more irritating was that they had put us right next to each other ANYWAY. How is that not being supervised if I'm sitting right next to him? Confused. Then to top it of, one chick there was making an effort to help, but she appeared new, and the other girl there was so incredibly rude and snotty.

I have been going to Aveda schools for 13 years. 13 years. Not just the year or so that the one here in Portland has been open. I am appalled at the treatment we received.

That being said, the people at PAUL MITCHELL'S Portland training facility were more than accomodating. They took us both in, we sat right next to each other, and I even had my cut done by the most senior instructor there, not even a student. Next time any of us need a cut, I know where we will be going. I fully intend on writing letters (or emails) to both schools-one a glowing thank you, the other one that I would be very upset to receive if it were my staff in question.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite Product for Today....

With it being a hundred degrees (plus) here in OREGON of all places... I am almost out of a terrific product from one of my most favorite stores EVER - L'Occitane. They have an "After Sun Lotion" in their Shea Collection (which are the best products I have ever used. I used to only use Aveda Shampoos and Conditioners - until I found the Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner - great for those of us that use a blow dryer everyday). I found this in a travel bottle at one point, and is unavailable anywhere that I can find. Hopefully, the regular lotion (which is just as terrific - and their #1 seller) will work as well. Better load up on the sunscreen for today.

I have spent the morning shuttling people around, getting gas, and responding to emails about a few things I have posted on Craigslist. Heading out to play in the kiddie pool for a little bit before we have to head back to our place to sell a crib! Xavier is getting to be so big that it was time to put together the toddler bed... and he has decided now that he can, he is going to sleep on the floor instead!! Yikes. On the upside, I'm getting a small amount of cash AND I get the crib off of the deck. However, when I email people back and I don't hear from them for 12 hours... I move on to the next person... is that wrong? I want it gone, and my time is just as valuable as the next persons...

Tomorrow we are headed off to the doctor's office for a quick visit for Ethan - the child doesn't like soap and water and now has some funky little bumps on his legs - so we have to go and get that looked at. Then.... off to the Aveda Institute. Nothing like an Aveda cut (even if it is by a student) for $10-$13! I have done hair modeling all over the country (and for various programs - including Toni & Guy's main school in Dallas, TX) - some freebie ones, some not, and I have found that the Aveda program really is my favorite. Check out the Portland, Oregon school and services below!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Job Search Continues

Sadly, it goes on. I've sent out multiple resumes in the past week... again, hopefully I will get something. I found a few that look promising. Unfortunately, there isn't anywhere on your resume to list your IQ, or that you enjoy reading non-fiction or Ancient Greek philosophy for fun. Or that you are more than capable of answering phones and filing things. Sometimes, people just need a job - whether or not they are "over-qualified". After almost ten years in college (granted, I should be a doctor at this point), it's taken almost a year to find a new job - I wish I could just find something that will allow me to go to work and pay for daycare.

One of the stay-at-home data entry things would be fantastic, but how does one know if they are legitimate? "Pay us $30. . . and we will send you all of the data and you will make up to $900 a day!" Really? Sounds great - two days a week and I would be set, as I type incredibly fast, but sure, let me give you my account number, and then will it be wiped out? I just don't know anymore!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On Midnight Movies

As I'm sitting here writing this from my BlackBerry, I have decided that teenagers shouldn't be allowed to go to the movies in groups. Especially late night movies, and they certainly shouldn't be allowed to "hold" 15 seats at a time for all of their friends who can't show up on time. Ridiculous. No courtesy at ALL. When I was younger, if I saw a group of a couple of people come in and there were kids with them, I certainly wouldn't make the kid sit all the way up front in the flat seats where the kid couldn't see.

Sadly, parents are forgetting to teach their kids common courtesy and it just exacerbates the attitude issues that are already in existence.
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hiking Group

I'm on the way!!! Slowly. Have gotten an email account set up and a facebook page for our soon to be thriving hiking group... Now, to use my marketing knowledge to get some members and organize some outings!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hiking with Kids

Apparently I am going to have to form my own "Hiking with Kids" group... any of you in PDX with kids between 6 and 10 game? Ethan and I went and did Angel's Rest this morning, which is between Multnomah Falls and Bridal Veil. When we got back, I asked him if he would be interested in hiking with other mom/kid groups. When he said yes.... I decided to look around and I couldn't find anything. Sad. Next stop is REI to see if they sponsor any groups. I know there are all women and all guy groups, but none of the parent/kid groups seem to be functioning. Strange.

Having renewed my love of hiking - it's been quite a few years since I've been... it's been a few years since I've done anything more than walk around the Zoo or the Mall - my legs hurt. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thought of the Day: Job Search

Anyone who thinks that being "just a mom" isn't a job is nuts. I know that someone calculated how much a 24hour, 365 days a year position is worth... can't seem to find the article though. After being out of the work force for almost a year now, I have some interesting things that I have observed:

No one listens: whether it be the kids, the spouse, or the person down the street. All of a sudden (no matter how many non-fiction books you check out and chug down so that your brain stays hydrated...) your opinion, thoughts, views don't seem to count - because "you're just a mom". Hmmmm. All of the prior schooling, the genius IQ, none of it seems to matter, because whether you have chosen to be out of the workforce, or were forced from the workforce - for whatever reason, your career, and your life - are "mommy-tracked"

You LIKE cleaning: Yes, I do like having things clean. I like order and neatness. I like things put away. HOWEVER. That doesn't mean that I like to do it all MYSELF!!!!

10:00pm - "Why are you tired? You've been home all day...": REALLY? SERIOUSLY? Just because I've been home all day (and usually not...) doesn't mean I haven't been chasing down two kids and trying to keep them from killing themselves! It doesn't mean that the two year old put himself down for a nap, or actually followed directions for once. It certainly doesn't mean that the eight year old didn't ask a million inane questions that day... It doesn't mean that we didn't go to Target, the grocery store, the Children's Museum, the Library, and for a walk....

I like being home with them, really I do. But I like having a job and socializing with other adults too. I miss being able to "get dressed for work"... I like my jeans and Danskos, but I miss my pencil skirts and Ann Taylor dresses and my cute little Steve Madden heels. I also miss the independence of having my own paycheck, and feeling like I'm contributing something other than to the children's vocabulary and imaginations.....

So far, after a ton of resumes sent out (I've lost count), and only a few interviews... looks like I'm off to apply at the local coffee shop. If for nothing else than to meet some grown ups and perhaps arrange some play groups....