Monday, January 11, 2010

A truly random thoughts kind of day

I sit right now in bed (yes, it is 1pm on a Monday), catching up on Facebook, other people's blogs, and getting ready to watch some Arrested Development on hulu and do some knitting. Although, after yesterday's fiasco, I might be willing to take a day off! (I made two different hats, and neither one turned out right the first time. Aarrg.)

As I write this, I have a lot of things on my mind. Namely, how on earth I am going to get more business for my shop, how we are going to be able to pay rent in a few weeks, why the State of Oregon hasn't called Todd back regarding his unemployment claim, the mess that is the house (I will probably deal with that tomorrow - not in the mood today), whether or not I'm going to be able to do a craft fair at the end of the month, how my coffee is getting cold right now, and also that it is almost Xavier's nap time and I might have to be vacating my bed so he can take a nap...

Too much for one brain!

On the upside, I did find out that I was accepted to do a contract gig at the Convention Center in a week working a trade show. That will at least pay for phones and our electric bill.

Having been unemployed now for a while is both liberating and degrading. Liberating in the sense that I get to spend time with the kids (both good and bad), I get to shower - or not, as after all, it saves water and electricity - and makeup - whenever I want, I can choose to do laundry today or tomorrow, and I can spend the whole day working on a project and not feel bad about it. Degrading in that no matter what jobs I apply for, I am told I am either over or under qualified... for retail. Seriously? If I'm applying for a professional position, then my experience isn't applicable, even though it could be exactly what they are looking for....

I guess it's time to dust off those typing skills and write that fictionalized memoir I keep talking about... :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Opportunities

This year has started off with a bang... businesswise, anyway. Nothing like three orders on the second day of the year! Hopefully it can keep up. I have some new items up, and am heading out tomorrow to get some new and fun yarn for inspiration for some new projects. Unfortunately, my fingers can't knit quite as quickly as they can type! Hopefully, I will be putting up some original patterns on here soon, as I don't create them very often, and honestly, don't really mind sharing, as long as credit is given.

Hopes for the year include new jobs all the way around our house, as well as for several others that I know of... Xavier's continued speech development, and Ethan to tone down his attitude!!!

Here's to a great year in 2010!